Cannot connect simulator built on cloud


I built a simulator on cloud following this page (Add a training simulator to your Bonsai workspace - Bonsai | Microsoft Docs) (I chosed "Other" in "Choose your simulation platform"), but bonsai doesn't connect to the simulator..

After I tapped the "Train" button, the gauge on top right of the screen have remained "connecting simulators."


Does anyone know possible reasons for this?


Thank you in advance.

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Bonsai could connect to the simulator built locally. This problem may be derived from building simulator remotely..

@Haruto_Sawada I suggest using the Tutorial: Debug a simulator - Bonsai | Microsoft Docs debugging tutorial with an unmanaged instance of your simulator first, and then debugging the iteration loop using the "managed" section as well when you have uploaded your container to ensure that your iterations are stepping correctly. 


Separately, I would offer querying your episode logs: Query episode logs - Bonsai | Microsoft Docs to determine if your simulators have in fact, successfully registered and are re