Bonsai workspace won't launch

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I am trying to launch a Bonsai workspace created by our Azure admin, but it is not present when trying to launch.






Same tenant, same subscription, but the launch screen claims the workspace is not present. Advice?


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@jleonard1300  Thanks for reaching us out. Can you please provide us the Bonsai Workspace ID that is being greyed out in the attached screenshot for further investigation ?

@anilpuvvadi 33d32700-7935-4532-9906-eb3adc2f3224

@jleonard1300 - Thanks for your patience. Below is our investigation notes for the issue you reported. Please let us know for any questions.

1. Bonsai do not expose the service in other regions currently except for West US and West US 2. We found that the workspace creation has failed with the below error as your Azure admin has tried to create the Bonsai workspace in East US 2, may be using CLI as Azure Portal doesn't allow to do so. Please ask your Azure Admin to re-create Bonsai Workspace in West US or West US 2 regions and retry using the workspace.


2. Also, Please let us know the steps followed by your Azure Admin to create the workspace in East US 2 as it is not possible to trigger bonsai workspace creation request for any other region except for West US/West US 2 at least using the Azure portal.


3. We have an action item not to display 'Launch Workspace' on the Azure portal for the failed workspaces.


{"error":{"code":"RequestDisallowedByPolicy","target":"raymond-bonsai-ws-33d32700-7935-4532-9906-eb3adc2f3224","message":"Resource 'raymond-bonsai-ws-33d32700-7935-4532-9906-eb3adc2f3224' was disallowed by policy. Policy identifiers: '[{\"policyAssignment\":{\"name\":\"Allowed locations EUS2\",\"id\":\"/subscriptions/26de829b-eb15-41a8-8027-d73c69718ffd/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyAssignments/8bb778adc7b64408bc168969\"},\"policyDefinition\":{\"name\":\"Allowed locations\",\"id\":\"/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/e56962a6-4747-49cd-b67b-bf8b01975c4c\"}}]