bonsai standard cores exceeded?

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I get this error... Bonsai doesn't let me add any new simulations anymore... 


Resource type 'Microsoft.ContainerInstance/containerGroups' container group quota 'StandardCores' exceeded in region 'westus2'. Limit: '10', Usage: '10' Requested: '1'.

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after an hour it fixed itself
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@felipeharo100 Hi there!  I'll copy and paste a blurb from some documentation my team just wrote:

Each Bonsai project has unique Azure resource needs that are typically calculated as a function of the speed and usage of your projects simulator. Some projects may require only a nominal number of containers, while others, though rare, need closer to 500+.


The speed of your simulator is the single greatest factor in determining your final Azure costs. Please work with your Bonsai team to help you determine how many containers and/or other Azure resources would be required for your project.


If you find that your container limit is near capacity, or would run over when training brains with Bonsai, you can solve this issue by requesting a quota increase from the Azure support team.


Alternatively, you may choose to create your Bonsai workspace in a different region for your project where you may already have a different quota, or fewer resources in use. Please keep in mind that as of the latest update to this page, Bonsai is only support on US West and US West 2.




Looking at your specific situation, it looks like your quota is 10, which is pretty low, but fine for just testing and playing around.


Occasionally, there can be a lag between the Bonsai platform releasing a simulation and your quota being reset (that's probably what happened in your case).  If that lag is persistent or takes a long time, please let us know.  Hope this helps!