Bonsai doesn't calculate reward

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When bonsai start to train, the concept graph shows Latest Mean reward 0.00, this value is for approximately 6.000 iterations, and then this graph changes to Goal Satisfaction 0.0%, and stays that way until the end of the training. I can't see the progress of the training. I attach the screenshots. I trained other models with the same Inkling file and I didn't have this problem. Since Friday, all models that I train have the same problem. What could be the problem?.


Thank you.

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@victor91 Is this using the same inkling document that you posted in the other issue? Or have you switched from a reward function to goals? If you're still using a reward function, the graph shouldn't show "Goal Satisfaction". We'll need to investigate further.


Today was a holiday in the U.S., but most team members will be working again tomorrow. We'll look into the problem and get back to you.


Thanks for posting the question.

Hi @erictr,


I use the same Inkling file, only that I increase the reward when player 1 wins and I have put a negative reward when he loses or draws as we discussed in another topic. This problem occurs since Friday, when I used a goal instead of reward in other version, since this day for all the brains that I train, I have the same problem.


Thank you.

We identified the cause of the problem. There was a recent regression in the product. A member of our team has implemented a fix, and it's going through final testing now. It should be deployed in production sometime tomorrow.


We're also looking into our tests to understand how this regression went into the product without being detected.


Apologies for any inconvenience.


Thank you @erictr.


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