Accelerators failed to deploy - image is missing

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During the deployment of the Energy Management accelerator the deployment fails with error:


"details": [
                "message""The following list of images referenced from the deployment template are not found: Publisher: MicrosoftWindowsDesktop, Offer: Windows-10, Sku: rs5-pro, Version: latest. Please refer to for instructions on finding available images."
Has anyone encountered this and any ideas how to resolve?
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As far as I did not get any feedback, which was expected though in the community, observing the previous questions and responses, decided to try that by myself.

The problem is in a missing OS SKU image. The fix is simple but the effect of changing something was unclear. Cloned the repo and changed the energy management template, finished deployment, training, etc.

If anyone is interesting in doing the same for the other accelerators, check the changes in that repo.

Hope this helps to someone.


@ivoandreev - thank you for the note. It appears the sku rs5-pro is no longer valid in Azure (despite both the Azure CLI and PowerShell showing it is). I have updated the repo to sku 21h1-pro


Regarding your other repo -- it looks like you covered most of the things for the change, but only for the Remote Desktop client. There is also a Bastion version.  The two files that were updated are:

- shared/CreateWindowsVirtualMachineWithExtension.json
- shared/CreateWindowsVirtualMachineWithExtensionB.json

Thanks David,

Giving an eye here really matters for the users during preview. Of course I just fixed what I needed to to get it all through for a test and PoC, so it was not a complete fix.
I followed up via email with you on 3 more issues I found.
It would be beneficial if you could have a look.