Announcing Project and Roadmap apps for Microsoft Teams

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Project and Roadmap apps in Microsoft Teams. Connecting directly to Project from within Teams has been one of the major requests from Project users, and these apps will make it easy to manage, track, and collaborate on all aspects of a team’s project in one place. This brings content and conversation side-by-side in one integrated experience.


Team members can create new projects or roadmaps, or open existing ones, in Microsoft Teams and keep communications within the context of work and collaboration within Office 365. The Project and Roadmap apps can be added as tabs in any channel by selecting the “+” icon at the top of a channel. Anyone who has access to that channel can also access that tab. 


Microsoft Teams  Microsoft Project

Today, each one of us has become a project manager. To stay on top of the ever-shifting requirements of our jobs, we need tools that are simple yet robust enough to support any requirement, flexible enough to support any project type, and, most importantly, easy enough to collaborate with anyone no matter where they are or what device they are using.


The Project app in Teams helps you tackle anything from small projects to large initiatives and is designed for just about any role, skill level, or project type. You can do almost everything you can do in Project for the web experience such as the automated scheduling engine to set effort, duration, and resources from inside Teams.

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Microsoft Teams  Roadmap

If your group runs multiple projects at the same time and needs visibility across all the work being done, Roadmap provides a visual and interactive way to connect these projects and show their status in a transparent way across the organization.


The Roadmap - Microsoft Project app will give you a cross-functional, big picture view of the work that is most important to you. You can create a consolidated timeline view of projects from Microsoft Project and Azure Boards and plan larger initiatives across all of them - complete with key dates and milestones - so that all the work is visible. 

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Note: All Office 365 users will be able to view Projects/Roadmaps shared within Teams in a read-only mode. Users with appropriate Project for the Web licenses to create and edit Projects/Roadmaps will be able to do the same from within Teams as well. Learn more about Office 365 User view access here and Project for the Web licenses here.


If you want to learn more, see Use Project or Roadmap in Microsoft Teams. Next, notifications in Teams will be added so that users can see what’s important to them within Project and Roadmap in their team's activity feed. We’d love to learn more about what type of scenarios you would like notifications to fulfill. Provide your feedback here


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What type of Projects can I add through the Project app in Teams?

A: Project app integrates with Project for the Web and hence allows you to add projects created using Project for the Web as a tab. It does not support projects created on PWA (Project Web App) or Project client (MPP files).


Q: Which projects show up in the existing list of the Project app?

A: When you add a Project to a Team's Channel tab, you can find all the Project for the web projects in the existing list which are shared with the Team (i.e the underlying Office 365 group).




We love hearing from you. Please tell us how we can improve your Project experience in Teams through our UserVoice site. You can also leave a comment below to engage with us directly to provide feedback.


Keep checking our Tech Community site for the latest feature releases and Project news.










Can you please outline license requirements for "Project and Roadmap" app. Thanks.


@Sergg : Users with one of these active subscriptions, Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3, or Project Plan 5, will have the ability to create and edit projects. A Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 subscription user can create and edit a Roadmap. All Office 365 users will be able to view Projects/Roadmaps shared within Teams in a read-only mode. Learn more about Project for the Web licenses here.

Frequent Visitor

Hi, in your video about Project in Teams, you showed opening an existing project file in Teams. How this is working? I have MPP file on my laptop and want to open this in teams.

Do we have a solution for this?

Where does Teams stores project files created?

New Contributor

This is nice. You're almost there.

I know that you can't comment on this, but I'll ask anyways...

Any ETA on when notifications will be available?


The ability to see the notes on the cards would be greatly appreciated as well.


This is great! Hoping for a Project mobile app sometime in the near future. 

Occasional Visitor

Thanks so much. My problem is that each project is handled as a seperate "file" thus you cannot see all the different projects in 1 view and manage resources etc

Will this ever be resolved or attended to?

Super Contributor

Can you add projects that aren't part of the Team?

Regular Visitor

When tasks are assigned, there is no notification to the person I assign the task to; major missing item

In the Teams planner that is possible, would be nice to see this feature back including some other items from the Teams Planner like: labels, checklists, adding attachments, priorities..

Also would be good when import/export is possible (xls, mpp)


@David Phillips :  Projects which are shared with your team can be added.

If you do not see an existing project or roadmap in the list, it might not be shared with your team. Find it on and in the upper right of your project or roadmap, select Group members to find out what Microsoft 365 group it's shared with or to share it with the group associated with your Team

Super Contributor

Ah good to know.  Thank you!

Super Contributor

@Madhuri Jain I tried this, I can add individual members to a Project I created, but I can't add O365 groups, including groups that I own.  Searching for the group name doesn't find anything.  Maybe I'm missing something.


To clarify, I am asking if we can add any project created in PWA, or projects created in other Teams and then shared with other Teams O365 groups.


@David Phillips : You can add projects which are shared with your Teams Microsoft 365 group. They could be from Project for the web and shared with your Teams group. Projects from PWA or other Teams are not supported yet. 


@msrkboseProjects which are shared with your team show up in the existing list of Projects. They could be from Project for the web and shared with your Teams Microsoft 365 group. 

Regarding MPP files, Project for the web does not allow you to open MPP files yet. As Project app in Teams has the same capabilities as Project for the web, it has the same limitations too. We are definitely thinking about this one. You can track the request here.  


Senior Member

Are there any plans to to integrate Project for the web projects with PWA (input or link)? - Specifically,  I would I like to understand;


1) If we were to manage the task level list for projects with Project for the web (within MS Teams), are we able to manage the portfolio/program with the strategic drivers process within PWA.


2) Does the PowerBI Dashboard support inputs from Project for the web like it does for the PWA site?





Does anyone know of a way to change workdays in any of this integrated Project? I need weekends to not automatically skip, but I want to use Teams' version of Project.


@amitk_ : You can use Roadmap app to create consolidated timeline view of projects and plan larger initiatives across all of them. 


@IvarA2065 : For notifications, we would love to learn more about what type of scenarios you would like Project notifications to fulfill in Teams. Please provide your feedback here .  


We also want to assure you that we are evaluating all the planner capabilities which you are asking for. Some are completed like Teams integration and custom fields - which will allow you to create a Priority field. Some are planned - Attachments, Notifications. You can find more updates here


We will be supporting export to excel for Project soon. Here’s the official update to the M365 roadmap.


@Madhuri Jain Thank you so much!

Occasional Contributor

When will GCC tenants have access to the new Project web app?

Occasional Visitor

Hi , is there plans for a feature to allow the ability to add an existing project plan (created in web app) to the project app in teams? At the moment it seams the only option is to create a new project in the channel or add an existing project that has been created in the project app. 

Senior Member

Oh no, so we have finally decided to go with Planner, as Roadmaps feel so much disconnected from the package (no icon for that e.g.). Please, pretty pretty please, allow Roadmpas to connect to Planner, not just Project?

Senior Member

Also - Project tasks should integrate with Tasks for Teams. Simply put - allow all tasks to live in one space, no matter where they come from.

Occasional Visitor

How do I change the end date for my project??


It only allows me to set a start date and then an end date is auto calculated. I cant edit that??







I have been trying to find a way to export the data from a roadmap created in MS Teams, however unable find a way.  I can export data from the individual project files but not the roadmap.  I was hoping to bring the data into a PowerBi report.

Occasional Contributor

I have a license of Microsoft Project Professional 2019, which allows to save me lists to SharePoint online, to SIteAssets folder there etc. On the same computer I tried to create Project tab in Teams. That did not work with the mention that I do not have Project license. I even had Project file open at the same time. In specs at Comparar soluciones de administración de proyectos y costes | Microsoft Project it says that Project Professional 2019 allow synchronizing with Project Online. Do I have to buy separate Project license to work in Project in Teams? 

Occasional Visitor

Is there any integration with Visio to provide something similar to Mind Mapping Software by MindManager | MindManager

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