Building PowerShell from source

Paal Braathen
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The build instructions for Windows mentions both Visual Studio and Vistual Studio Code in the environment setup. Visual Studio is required to be the 2015 release (which isn't publicly available) and there is an open issue concerning the 2017 release.


What's the preferred method for building PowerShell on Windows if you only have the software that is publicly available?


Will we see any real step-by-step/streamlined instructions for building? Right now I'm a little bit confused by the mention of both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code myself.


Clear/streamlined instructions might make sure that more people are able to build and contribute which would help the community.

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The instructions may not make this clear, but Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and .Net CLI are three different ways to build the code and you only need to use one of them.


Visual Studio is only needed to build the native components which most developers won't need to build as they change infrequently and we publish those binaries on MyGet which gets picked up automatically by our build script.


For building the managed code, I recommend following the .Net CLI tools section which is simplest and only requires freely downloadable tools.


However, if you're debugging PowerShell Core 6, you'll want to use Visual Studio Code and following those instructions.

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