Realtime co-authoring via PowerPoint Online


Today a teacher attempted to have a class of 18 students realtime co-author a PowerPoint via Online. Everything seemed to be great and everyone could see changes. However once they closed browsers and came back a few hours later it appeared essentially nothing was saved. We tried it again and one note was trying to open document in PowerPoint 2016 you could see others were editing but none of the changes were being synchronized. Any ideas what happened and how we can prevent in future?

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That's strange behaviour. The Online apps save every time a change is made - even to the character level. I'd suggest logging a Service Request and getting the support team to look into the issue further.
i think you must check account synchronized settings

We eventually switched to desktop PowerPoint which seemed to handle it better. I opened a support case but they wanted me to re-create it. Hard to get a class of 6th graders to redo something a 2nd or 3rd time so someone might be available to watch. It was very frustrating for all invloved.