Presentation Translator add-on for PowerPoint : AI Server connectivity


Hey Team,


Recently I installed Presentation Translator for PowerPoint(16.0.11001.20064) 32-bit. Whenever I am on a wired connection the add-on could not establish connection with the speech recognition (AI) server but I am on the WiFi the connection establishes easily. [check the random errors it gave me] [link for translating add-on]

I want to know what is the IP Address (or URL) for the AI Server or wherever the processing machine is hosted so I can check my proxy to see if the URL(or IP Add) is whitelisted on my WiFi network and the proxy is bypassing those information(packets).

Any logical help is greatly appreciated.

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So after did a lot of packet inspection and digging into logs:


Make sure your proxy is bypassing traffic from following URLs:


shExpMatch(host, "*") ||

shExpMatch(host, "*")


Did you file a bug with Microsoft? This URL is not listed on their O365 services page.