Animate as background


So, I've been trying to create basic background animations in PowerPoint 2016. I want something relatively easy to know, subtle motion in the background of the slide while other things animate on top of it. I've been moderately successful using custom motion paths and zoom effects, but it's a lot of work and really adds to the complexity of the slide's timeline.


Then on my Mac, I stumbled upon this really neat feature called Animate as Background. Basically, you add an image to the slide, and then on the Format tab, you click Animate as Background. Much like Sway, you click a couple of points of interest on the image, click Apply, and PowerPoint handles the rest. Best I can tell, it creates all the necessary motion paths without showing them in the Animation Pane, leaving me free to focus on the slide elements. It's awesome.


My question is, when is this coming to the Windows version of PowerPoint? I'm on the Office Insider Fast Ring on both machines. Can I expect to see this anytime soon?

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