You cannot directly edit the components within a managed solution - CoE - Power apps


Hi, I'm pretty new to Power apps. I'm just trying to set up the CoE(currently at set up core components). I'm following this process and got stuck at this step with the below error. 


I'm unable to turn on the things under solutions. Also, would be helpful if someone shares any detailed video/blogs regarding the CoE installation procedure. Any help would be appreciated?


You cannot directly edit the components within a managed solution. If the managed properties for solution components are set to allow customization, you can edit them from another unmanaged solution.

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Hi - I figured out the reason behind this. I was able to turn on the flow from the default solution.

I got that error because the solution from which I'm trying to turn it on was a managed solution. So, we need to go to an unmanaged solution and edit the flow as per our wish. If we observe closely, we can see some tiny lock symbol under managed column in my attached error snip in this post.