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Hi at all,


i'm german so sorry for my "not perfect english" but i try to explain my issue:)


I have created a sharepoint list out of Excel with 1900 rows. Each is filled with Customernames and with numbers of orders. i want to update the numbers of orders with my created workflow. so i update my Excel and with Workflow it change only the first few rows (approx. 200 rows).


Has anybody an idea where i can start to fix this problem?


Big Thanks


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@Tyrechief your English is a lot better than my German! By default Excel only brings back 256 rows from the list rows present in a table action. To increase this include all your rows, on that action go to Settings, switch on the pagination toggle and set the threshold to, for example, 2000 rows.




If you are not using this action but getting the rows from SharePoint then you need to do the same in the settings of the get items action.


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@RobElliott Big Thanks!

this are the settings i searched the last 2 days:) 

Perfect, Workflow is runnin' up to all my rows....Thanks!