When will we see PowerApps Forms for SharePoint


When will PowerApps Forms for SharePoint roll out to first release tenants? At Ignite it was announce that it would start early October but now it is November and I haven't heard of any first release tenants getting the update.

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There’s quite a long list of deliverables due in 2017. I too was expecting a few more to have rolled out to First Release by now. 
Very typical from Microsoft: announce many stuff coming in the short term and them suddenly the reality is that the rollout is taking more time than expected

From: Ankit Saraf [MSFT]


We ran into issues and have been fixing them to get this released as soon as we can. Hopefully over the next month we will be able to release it.



Thanks for sharing this. To be fair to Microsoft as soon as they announce a firm date something happens hence more vague dates on the roadmap are likely I think. This is the double edged sword of an evergreen service. Looking at the overall roadmap going over 250+ entries post Ignite, we’ll need to be patient and agile. 

Are there any updates on when we might expect to see this?  Thanks.

It has arrived in my first release test tenant. Excited to start playing around it.

I see it in mine too! 


I noticed that there was lag between opening list items where I briefly see item 1 when I click on item 2.  Curious if you are seeing the same thing.





When I switch to view another item I am seeing the previous displayed data in the form for a brief second.