What Is the Best Place to Get Help/Resources on PowerApps and Common Data Service?

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I am in the process of learning PowerApps in order to determine if we can replace our Access Web App with it.  The documentation is confusing and the places to get help seems to be spread out all over the place.  It's frustrating. 


I am trying to produce an app that has two entities from the CDS that have a one-to-many relationship.  I want to have display a record on the detail page with a gallery or table of the second set of information.  However, I cannot seem to filter the second gallery or table (I've tried various things) to work.  I keep getting the blue squiggly line underneath the foreign key.  What is the point of a foreign key if you cannot use it in a filter formula?  If I were to use the same filter using the PrimaryID, the filter would work, but it would be logically incorrect.


Surely this is a simple scenario that others would need, but I cannot seem to get good answers to help me.  I posted in the Power Apps forums and got no useable advice. 


So my question is, where can I get some assistance or better documentation specifically for showing related data on a detail page?

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Hi Valerie,

Please find all of our learning materials and properties below!

Customer-facing learning resources:

A good starting point to get hands on with PowerApps and Flow is the guided learning modules, and the self-paced lab (see links below).


Common content related to PowerApps, Flow and Common Data Service:

·         All Ignite Sessions Videos and Decks:

·         Self-paced Hands On Labs: (Lab Manual included)


PowerApps related content

·         Website:

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·         Community:

·         AMA with PowerApps:  ASK Microsoft Anything

·         Guided Learning: 

·         YouTube Playlist for Guided Learning:

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·         Hands-On-Lab recording:

·         Webinars:



Microsoft Flow related content

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·         Webinar Recordings & Guided Learning Videos: YouTube Playlist:

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·         Community:

·         Suggest Ideas:

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·         Webinars:


Business Application Platform related content

·         Website:

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Common Data Service related content

·         General availability for Common Data Service:

·         CDS Documentation:

·         New entities in the Common Data Model at GA:

·         Common Data Model YouTube channel for PowerApps:


SharePoint related content

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This is great. It provides a wealth of information to look through. Thank you.