What is "Flow widgets" and how we can use/benefit from them

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I am reading documents about Power Automate from Microsoft @ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/ and on this link, they are talking about "Flow widgets":-

Integrate Power Automate with websites and apps

But I am not sure how we can benefit from this ? and what does "flow widgets" do exactly? unfortunately the link does not show a picture about how the "flow widgets" looks like,so i am confused. any advice?


Second question, from my understanding is that "Flow widgets" can be embedded inside public websites, so how users will be using them? For example should the publish users login before? and can they user non-Microsoft accounts? as not all public users have Microsoft accounts.


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@john john Flow widgets in Power automate are used to embed the content from Power automate to your app or SharePoint site or any other website.


You can embed the content/widgets like:

  1. List of flows
  2. Power automate Approvals
  3. List of templates
  4. Trigger manual flows


You can use flow widgets in two ways:

  1. Unauthenticated widget: You don't need the JS SDK or an access token in this case. You can simply build widget URL & embed it using iframe (see example given below).

  2. Authenticated widget: You will need to use Power Automate's JavaScript Software Developer Kit (JS SDK) to embed the flow widgets and provide the required user access token. User will need license in this case to see his/her approvals or to run the flow manually.

Example: I have added below embed/iframe code on SharePoint modern page using Embed web part which shows the available Power automate flow templates for SharePoint connector:



<iframe width="1200px" height="600px" src="https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/widgets/templates/?q=SharePoint





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@ganeshsanapthanks for the reply.. but you did not answer my second question, and if users can view the "Flow widgets" using non-microsoft accounts?