vanity URL names inside table output


This only works if the URL you want is static aside from a data value inside your data output. 

Example: is the URL to view ticket number 1234567, and that ticket ID is available as dynamic content in my source data output. But I want something short in my table output like the word Link for every entry that has one of these ticket IDs instead of that long URL path, and I want it clickable. 


1. For my example I'm using a Kusto Query, so I add a 'Run Query and list results' for Kusto. This is my source data. 

2. Add 'Create HTML table', include headers, columns are custom

3. While configuring these columns for this table, I will create one of the headers as URL, and set the Value for it as test1<IncidentId>test2

The <IncidentId> in the above URL column is the Dynamic Content object from my 'Run Query and list results' for the Ticket ID that will be part of the URL. 

The test1 and test2 are two unique values I will reference and replace later to build my URL inside my output. 

4. Add 'Compose', and instead of dynamic content I will use an Expression

replace(actionOutputs('Create_HTML_table'),'test1','<a href="')
the Create_HTML_table in this expression is the name of the item in step 2. 
the in this expression is the part of my URL that precedes the IncidentId value. 
5. Add a second 'Compose' (default it will be called Compose 2. )
and again instead of dynamic content I will use another expression to build the second half of my URL. 
the Compose in this is the first compose name we created in step 4
the /home is the closing text in my URL, the Link is whatever my want my vanity URL name to be. 
6. For my purposes, I now add a 'Send an email' and include the dynamic content value for Compose 2 
This will in turn be my HTML table, that includes all the data from my Kusto Query, and a short value of Link instead of the long URL, for each item inside my data set that included a IncidentId. 
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