Using the trigger "For a selected file" without providing Site address and document library?

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Hi community!

I'm building a Power Automate flow to send a selected file to an external web service. This flow should be availble to a set of users (groups) on all Sharepoint libraries (ultimate goal is to access this flow from Teams).


However, I cannot understand why the trigger "For a selected file" needs both site address and library name, when I'm starting this flow by selecting a file in a library, and then select "run flow"..?


With theese two parametes it seems like I need to create separate flows for each and all libraries...? Same goes for the action "Get file properties", which takes both site address and library name together with the file id.


Am I doing it wrong/using the wrong trigger and action?

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Hi @OlaSan,


Your understanding of the "For a selected file" is correct and is intended to be used on a per site and library basis. 


There is a User Voice that speaks to your post and is might be worth voting on.


I hope this helps.