Using 'Cost Estimator' Powerapps Template - Understanding 'JobsListGallery'

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Dear Powerapps community,


I am trying to learn from scratch how to create a Power app for creating quotations and proposals and thought the easiest way to do this was to find a similar template to what I am aiming to create. 

I am struggling to understand the JobsListGallery section.

When I create a new job I want it to set up a corresponding tab on the main page so I can select it easily to then create a quotation for the new client - I have attached a couple of images to hopefully explaining what I am looking to achieve. Currently I have set it up so when the Client form is submitting it successfully goes into a Sharepoint List, however it does not show up on the apps main page. 


I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions or video tutorial referrals 


Kind regards


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