Use 'For a selected item' on a file

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I've posted this same questions on the PowerUsers Community first, but noticed it seems there is more activity here. When one of the posts provides me with an answer, I will share it in the other post.


I'm trying to create a Flow for a document library which can be started manually. As per my knowledge I should use the For a selected item trigger, on which the description says it can be used on Lists and Libraries. But when I select this trigger and provide the site address, no libraries are shown. Lists are shown though.


If I just look at the name of the trigger, I would expect it only works for lists. It says For a selected item, so it does make sense. But the description of this trigger tells me otherwise (and the  and I don't see a trigger named For a selected file


I did some research on the internet, but couldn't find any helpfull information on this specific topic. Hopefully one of you guys can help me.


Many thanks in advance for any effort and time spend on helping me.


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Quincy Thomas

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I was interested in your issue, so found a solution that works for me. I did not use the "For a selected item" but started with going to the library, selected one file and choose "Create a flow".

This loads several templates, I choose "Post a message to Teams for a selected file" (I could have chosen differently). Use the Continue button - you will now be able to modify the flow.

The first action is "Request" - ignore that one, it is as it needs to be.

The second action is "Get item" - ignore that one, also good as is.

The third action is "Post message 2" - delete it!

Now you can add your third action as needed and do whatever you want with the item/file.

When you save the flow, and returns to the library, you will observe that when you select a file and looks under flow, you will see your flow's name there. :)

Hope this helps you on the way!

Kind regards


Hi John,

I love your out-of-the-box thinking and was able to get the flow to work with your solution! Thanks for the help and I will definitely post this to the Flow Community as well!

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