Update User Office 365 Profiles using SharePoint and Flow (Power Automate)

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Is there a way to use power automate to update user Office 365 profiles? 


In our case, the IT staff maintains Office 365 user accounts.  However, changes are always occurring with regards to specific controlled fields in user profiles (i.e. company, department, or manager).  Invariably, errors occur as the IT staff has to interpret emails sent to them from HR to be input in the employee Office 365 profile information (which later get used in power automation for internal processes).  The result is that an employee request gets sent to the wrong manager (because the Power Automation uses "Get Manager", which was set by IT staff incorrectly).  Certain user profile information should really be HR controlled, so I'm thinking to allow HR to make changes to Office 365 profile information via a SharePoint list, which has Power Automation behind it to update the actual Office 365 profile fields.  The list will be made specific to the fields HR should have the responsibility to update. 


Has anyone done this before?  Or, does anyone have a better solution?

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Are you maintaining a separate source for the user information? Are you using the Azure AD directly or connected to on-prem AD?
For updating the information from SharePoint list to Office 365 Profile information, you can use Graph API in the Power Automate.