Update a sharepoint column based on a step in the flow

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I have a Microsoft form where FLOW1 creates a sharepoint item.


From the SharePoint list, FLOW2 sends an email to the person who submitted the item.


I want to update a CHOICE field in the Sharepoint list based on whether the email succeeded or failed. 

If flow failed to send email, Value 1

IF flow sent email, value 2


is there a way to do this? Would it be part of FLOW2, or a subsequent FLOW?

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There are error conditions you can have return if an action fails but when it comes to email it will only tell you if the message was queued for delivery. You cannot tell if the message went to the recipient.

Hi @Barbara_Selden 


You could do all the steps in one single flow. Here you have an example: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/General-Flow-Discussion/When-a-Form-is-submitted-send-and-email-...


As @ChrisWebb said, you can only check whether the email action executed correctly or not. Depending on the case, you can update the choice field in the SharePoint List Item. You can find more information on error handling in flow here: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/error-handling/


Hope it helps!