Unable to read the file after downloading email attachment using power automate

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Hi all 


Im new to this forum and Im having troubles with power automate tool for downloading email attachment into onedrive using power automate. Each time I provide my own file name instead of using the dynamic content option " File name" it downloads a file which us unreadable.  Could you please help me out? Ive attached a screenshot of the flow.





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Hi @Sameet85 


Under File name you appear to be missing the file extension which would cause you issues. 


You could test if this is the case by downloading the Hours file your workflow has made and add in an appropriate .extension to test this.


If you are using the same file extension for this flow, then that's fine to add it in (e.g. Hours.docx).


Hope that helps. If not, please write back and I'll take a closer look.


Good luck




Thanks a lot Damien it works now !