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I would like to confirm if the title of Flow action is modified, where can I check the original title of the Action?

Is there any list that can be exported from Flow?

Since I need to create a document for the Flow, it will be better if there are some Report functions.

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Hi @Tiffany_Jo 


I agree that would be nice, but unfortunately I don't know of a way to see what the original name of a renamed action was. I've even used PowerStudio to view the full JSON, but it only shows the name you give an action if you've renamed it. The one way I could see to find it out if you don't know it, is to click the little i (info) icon on the action in question, go to the Learn More, and search for the text that describes that action to see what action it was.


As for a "list" for documenting a flow, you can view the full JSON by using the Get Flow action (e.g. in a separate flow) and view the output of that action. Does that help at all...?