Stuck on "Getting Your Data" on an OOB Form

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I've seen the posts related to Getting Your Data messages and CUSTOM forms, but my issue is with an OOB form - EditForm1.  The form worked fine yesterday.  Today, I added some Flows to the process and I added 2 checkboxes to the form, which I am updating via the flow.  There is a dropdown field on the form called Status (New Request, In Process, Cancelled, Complete).  When I change that field and click submit, I get the error.  It appears that any other edits do not cause this issue.


What I have done so far:

  • I have turned off the flows and tested.  Flows do not appear to be the issue.
  • I have compared the status field with another dropdown on the same form, and the properties all match.  

The OnSelect property on EditForm1 is Back().

The Items property on EditForm1 is BrowseGallery1.Selected

Not sure if either of those items are the problem.  I've tried to change them but that doesn't help.

Any advice is appreciated!



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