StopLights in the Modern Page Experience

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We've made extensive use of stoplights on our lists to indicate progress points in various approval workflows.


In my case the "stoplights" are actually images determined by a calculated field, and a Content Editor web part that allows it all to happen on a page. Most folks just show a red or green dot that's actually a 72pt period "." ... Either way it's a very widely used solution and my question is the same:


If we cannot use the Content Editor Web Part with the Modern Page Experience ... then how can we recreate this effect? 


This is a big "sell point" at my company, it's how people are used to working and really saves people a lot of time - I'm sure a lot of people could use an answer on this :)



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Have you looked into Column formatting? This would be how you could do formatting based on values in a list in ModernUI.

Hey Christopher -  this is great, thanks for pointing it out!