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Hi everyone! 

I need desperate help with the below:

I am trying to build a list in SP, where users can go in, and do the following:

  1. Select the sales rep.
  2. based on that selection, specific client names will show up for the user to select from
  3. based on the selected sales rep and client name, the associated opportunity names will show so the user select the appropriate one based on the previous selections. 

Anyone who can help me with the above!!


thank you 


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Sounds like you need a 'cascading drop down list'. This blog might help

@NoraM479 instead of the standard SharePoint form you can have a Power Apps customised form for your list and have cascading dropdowns in that by adding additional data sources, e.g. your client list and opportunity names. Let me know if you need some screeenshots of how it's done.


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Yes PLEASE!!! I need screenshots!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU