Skype for business Flow connector broken

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I have created a PowerApp which uses a flow to Instant Message users on Skype. 


The flow has ran successfully for a few months, however, it now suddenly is asking to re-authenticate the account with the connector. When I attempt to do this, I either get an OAuth error or and error warning that I have reached the limit of the number of connections allowed for my account (which is 2). 


The problem is, if I remove the skype connection from my flow, and subsequently my powerApp, users are still asked to grant the Skype access permission, and on attempting to do this, the errors appear again. 


I have removed all active connections to the Skype connector and even re-published my powerApp without the Skype connector, and it still asks users to grant permission. 


In summary, I can't fix the Skype connector, I (seemingly) can't remove the Skype connection, and users can no longer use the PowerApp. 

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