Simple Flow. What's wrong?

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This seems pretty simple and straightforward, but it has only worked ONCE. What am I doing wrong?



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According to the documentation for the Twitter connector. Triggers only poll once per Hour.

@Chris Webb Thanks! Looks like it will will collect all the tweets it finds and send them all at once.

We need need something that will notify us whenever and however frequent a tweet is sent. We can't wait an hour for a tweet. Any suggestions?

Yeah, you can try setting up a Scheduled (Frequency) Flow, that runs every 5 minutes or something checking for Tweets, but you'll have to put in some conditions to look for Posts posted greater than the current time minus 5 minutes to prevent duplicates etc. At that point you can do up to I think 600 per hour so you could probably do it every minute but that's the only thing I can think of to have it do it more frequently than the 1 hour trigger. The trigger is basically Twitter calling out to flow to send data, but you can setup a reoccuring job to ping it.

Hi @Jleebiker 


You could also explore the Twitter Connector in Microsoft Teams within your Channel (click ... and then on Connectors).


Once you add the connector to the desired Channel, you can configure the criteria and to show Tweets as they arrive (there's a small fetch delay interval which is negligible).




It would save you needing Power Automate to do the job and sounds like it will meet your needs as you want it as they are posted and not as a group of tweets.


Hope that helps give you another alternative!


Cheers and best wishes