Sharing a Flow that is manually triggered

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I have a Document Library which I have created a custom button that basically manually triggers a Flow to copy the file to a different Document Library.

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As the person who created the Flow, I am the Owner and can run the Flow by default.


Other users who have Member access to that Document Library can see the button but cannot run the Flow.


I have been told that because this Flow is triggered manually, I need to share the Flow to anyone else who needs to run the Flow and make them an Owner of the Flow. Is this correct? If so, what is the best way to share out the Flow with a lot of people in the organisation?


I was also told that if the Flow is triggered automatically e.g. "when a new file is created" then the Flow would not need to be shared out.



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Hi @albertstain - both are correct - you would need to share it or make it automatic. Read about the licensing required and how to share here:


Alternatively, you may want to add a column  to the library that automatically triggers the flow. A user could change the column maybe from 'No' to 'Run Flow' and the trigger could be when an item is modified and the condition that the column equals 'Run Flow' - keeps it automatic and prevents you from having to share with everyone.


Hope that helps!

@Kelly_Edinger thank you Kelly! Yes I had the same thought about the user modifying a column instead of the button. The column idea is aesthetically a little less elegant to the end-user but seems like it can make my life easier and not have to make the whole organisation an owner of the Flow!


Edit: Thanks Kelly for sharing the article which also had the solution in there under "Add list as a Co-Owner"

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I have received some help from a Microsoft Support Engineer regarding this and have found an excellent solution to my issue.


Their suggestion was to either:

1. Share the Flow to a Distribution List

2. Share the Flow with the List which was the perfect solution in my case



I simply added the Site + Document Library as an Owner and I was able to log in as another user who had access to the SharePoint site and was able to immediately trigger the manual workflow via the button.


Nice @albertstain! Thanks for sharing!