Sharepoint list power automate. Send email to form creator with column data.

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Hello, I´m trying to figure out a flow for sending an email to a person identified in a column when another text column of the same list item is edited.


Shipping request form is filled out with the requirement of entering their Name connected to MS account in a name column. 


A text column is left blank for operators to fill out. When the operator fills out the text column, an email with that information is sent to the person ID´d in the name column. 


Is this possible?


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Yes, very possible. 

  • Use the SharePoint 'Item is created or modified' trigger and connect to your list.
  • Add a condition that checks to see if the length of the TextField is greater than 0.
    • If TextField has a value, send the email to the person (Send an Email V2)
    • If not, do nothing.

A couple of notes

  • If the item is going to continue to be updated, you will send multiple emails.  Add another field (EmailSent: yes/no). Once you send the message, Update SharePoint Item and set EmailSent to Yes. Then you can update the condition to check that the TextField has a value AND that Notification Sent equals no.
  • Once you get it running, you might want to look at using a trigger action (right click on the trigger action, and select Settings) so the flow only runs if the text fields is empty and a notification has been sent. 


Thank you for your response! 

How do I connect the email trigger to send the mail to who is listed in a specific column? This can be different people. 



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@Christoffer160 In "Send an Email" action, under "To" field, you can select the people column from SharePoint using dynamic content.


For example: 

  1. Click on "Add dynamic content": ganeshsanap_0-1663138001282.png
  2. Then you will be able to select column names from SharePoint like: ganeshsanap_1-1663138088029.png

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Thank you! I didn´t see that before.

Now I have another issue, I suspect that its connected to our organization and rights but I might as well put it up here too, if you have any ideas.

The Form is available to anyone in the organization and the List is only available to the ones in the group, as intended. So the List gathers datainput from the Form.

The issue is: The flow that is setup works only when I use Names of people that is group members to this List. If I choose some other person from the organization that´s outside of the list owners group, the flow fails.
It says: "status": 400,
"message": "The specified user Mouse, Mickey could not be found.\r\nclientRequestId: 33f64db4-1a01-4efd-93dc-98f670201a1b\r\nserviceRequestId: 33f64db4-1a01-4efd-93dc-98f670201a1b"}

However, if I use the same person and directly edit the list item and not using the form, it will find the user, which I find odd. If it was a rights issue, I figure I wouldnt be able to find it at all.