Sharepoint List Power Automate flow for Approvals

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Good morning,

If this is in the wrong place please let me know and I apologize in advanced.


I am relatively new to power automate and have used the basic sharepoint functionality prior.


I have a sharepoint list which shows a status, course and various approver columns.


I want the project manager to be able to add a new sharepoint item and select the all the approvers for each step. An email is then generated to the first individual stating an action is waiting to be completed etc. When the first approver finishes their task, I want them to come back in and approve/complete. When that action is completed, the next approver is automatically notified an action is waiting. They complete their action and when they mark complete it notifies the next approver, so on and so forth.


I've been searching around and I cannot really figure out how to set this up properly. 


Can anyone provide some insight or point me into the direction I need to go?

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Hi @Mark1014 


This video from Reza Dorrani should help you achieve the solution.