Sharepoint list issue tracker - adding a close date with Power Automate

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Hi, I've created a SharePoint list based on the Issue Tracker which comes as a template.

I have a status (Open, Closed, Completed etc.) for the issue and what I wanted to happen is that when the incident / ticket / issue is set to Completed, Power Automate (I presume it can't be done just in the list without triggers) to complete the "Date Closed" column in the list against that issue(or issues) which have just had their status changed to "Completed" with the data and time.


I've seen some other posts which I thought would work for this scenario, but when I test the flow it just hangs and tells me its timed out.


Anyone have a workable solution to get this operational?


Thanks for your help in advance

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Try creating a Power Automate Flow that does the following:

- Trigger - When an Item is created or Modified 

- Add a Trigger Condition to run only when the status is changed to Completed Power Automate Trigger Conditions made EASY - Power Platform Community (

- Use an Update Item action to set the closed date. Using the UTCnow() Expression (in the Dynamic Content option for the date field you are updating.


The Tigger Condition prevents the Flow running unless the specific condition is true.