Sharepoint inserting multiple rows using one form

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I have a sharepoint list which saves the data coming from Infopath form. There is multiple check box picker that I am using in my form which gets saved in a column inside sharepoint. I want to create a functionality where if user selects multiple items then it should create multiple rows in sharepoint list.

Eg : checkbox contains : 02C, P2P,R2R.S2S

User selects O2C and P2P


Sharepoint list should have 2 rows

Name,  Amount , Title

Test1 , 3234 , 02C

Test1 , 3234 , P2P

As you can see it duplicates the other columns but splits the checkbox items into two rows.

How can we achieve this using flows or infopath?


Thanks in advance

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@Arushi9 I have tried this with repeating tables in InfoPath but with no luck. Since InfoPath is on the way out, I would suggest you to transform the soloution to PowerApps. Shane Young has made a great video about the issue with repeating tables in PowerApps like InfoPath, and that helped me a lot.


I know it is not a direct answer to your question, but hope it can guide you to a soloution.



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