SharePoint Designer 2010

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Good Morning, Please help. I usually post questions on here but don't get responses instead I get a lot of views haha. 


I am currently using SharePoint Designer 2010. What I am trying to do is create a feedback task to track completion of a document through a workflow.  


Purpose: Use and assign this task to track whether specific people went into our document library to update an existing form with their necessary information on a monthly basis. The trigger for this workflow will be manual. I have the feedback task created and can assign it but I can't extract information from this task (outcome) into another document library 


Once they complete the task. I wanted to set up a lookup logic to pull the name of the department of that completed the task. I don't know how to do this. Currently, I'm playing around within Designer and testing the logic on myself before deploying with confidence. 


Structure: I'm uploading a picture of what I have thus far. Please disregarding the "collect new task", I was simply testing out different task options.

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