SharePoint approval for creating files/folders with Flow

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Hey everyone,


I need to restrain the permissions to create files or folders in the root folder of a SharePoint library, on this purpose I built the following Flow (the images can be found in the attachments)


The idea here is to send an e-mail for the admins to approve any creation on the selected folder, and if it is rejected, move the content to a "Reject" folder. 


Here's the problem: Whenever a folder is created containing files inside of it, an e-mail is sent for every file: if there are 5 file on it, 5 e-mails are sent along the approval of the folder, even though I setted the flow to only do this on the Root folder. 


Does anyone know how to fix it, or have another solution to prevent creation on the root folder of a SharePoint library?


Any return will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Saulotferraz - rather than using a flow, change the permissions for everyone else at the root level to read only and then grant them contribute access to the folders within that library where you want them to be able to create new files and folders. 


Hope that helps!

@Kelly_Edinger The problem with the permissions is the effort to set individually permissions when you have a lot of folders inside the root folder.