Sharepoint- adding an email flow

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I cannot seem to find an answer to what I am trying to do, which I believe is a simple request. I have a sharepoint sub site that has a list section for News/Announcements. All I want to do is setup an email to go out whenever an item is added to this section. I would like the email to be sent from another list called "employee list."  So basically, I want any changes made to the News/Announcements list to trigger an email that is being pulled from another list called "Employee List:," which only has two columns: Name & email address. This seems pretty simple to me but I can only find things written about emailing the owner of the "news/accouncement" list. I want to do it this way because not all users who can view the site actually have email addresses where they need to login. Can someone please provide me a step by step? Please help, I'd really appreciate it. I'm pretty new to power automate so please be gentle. :smile: Thanks in advance!

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Is this really not possible? Can someone add any direction?