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Does anyone know of a way to change the From in an email that is being sent via Microsoft Flow?  I am sending an email to internal groups, but those groups aren't allowed to receive email from outside the domain and allowing that isn't an option.

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Looks like it is possible with Send an Email (V2) action in outlook connector. You need to set From (Send as) parameter in action.


Check below links for more information:

  1. Microsoft Docs - Send an Email (V2)
  2. Change From Email Address In FLOW Email Notifications 

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@rbutgins21  -- Which connector are you using? 
to add customized from recipient, you may have to use Send email V2







That is what I'm using.  Having issues with it telling me that I don't have authorization to send an email on behalf of the specified sending account.  I am having the network guys take a look as it sounds that this is an outlook setting.@Friyank 

@rbutgins21 you need to have send on behalf of privileges on the other email account to be able to use the flow to send from it.. Almost always we use the Send an email from a shared mailbox (v2) action instead.


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I tried that, but unfortunately, our exchange is still on prem and it isn't supported for that app.@RobElliott