Sending a PDF file as an email attachment with Power Automate corrupts attachment

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I have followed this great tutorial for creating and sending digital certificates to event participants (, and everything worked except for the last step which is sending the email with the certificate attached. I am able to receive an email with the pdf attached however, the file is corrupted and I'm unable to open it. When I check the pdf file in my share point it is not corrupted so the issue seems to be in the step of sending the email.

I tried using base64ToBinary(base64(body('Convert_file'))), when I added this I was able to open the pdf attachment but the pdf was empty and the content was erased. Please let me know if there is any way to overcome this issue. 

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The issue was resolved on its own by using the old flow editor instead of the new designer.

@Bayan000 I switched to the classic editor, but it didn't work for me :(