Send recurring tweets using Microsoft Flow

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Hi, I am new to MS Flow. I couldn't find a solution for what I am trying to figure out


Sharepoint listSharepoint listFlowFlowI have a SharePoint list that I'd like to use to automatically send tweets every day while item has been created on the list. I have added a condition but it looks like my post date will never match UTC. 

I have created an item TEST1 and I put today's date as post time. Accord to the condition, it supposed to post a tweet but it didn't 


Can someone help me with this, 

Much appreciated

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If you run the flow and then add an item to the SharePoint list you can then go to the history and see what the results were, you can also see what each variable was in each step, it could be that the date formats don't match exactly as you are using the equals comparator.

Thank you, I will have a look!