Created an app that allows document to print to PDF.  Upon submission, how can a link be sent using Power Automate to a SharePoint list.  I do not want to house the actual document, just want a link where the customer can open and download document.  Any suggestions?




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Using Power Automate, create a Flow that runs when a new documented is created in a document library. The Flow could do the following:
- Create a Sharing Link
- Create a new List item - add the Sharing link to a Hyperlink field

@chudson002 in your Send an email action with the link to the document, make sure you turn on </> code view then add the link to the document inside html tags:



Link to Item.png


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Thanks for the response. Do not want a document to be created, want a link to be visible in a SharePoint list where the submitter can open link and download document.
Any suggestions?
Sorry for the late reply. In my suggestion the Flow that creates the List Item is triggered when the document is created or added to the Library. If the document already exists in the Library then you can either use a Flow that trigger manually or when metadata changes.

The basic process would be:
- Flow triggers in the Document Library
- Flow creates a Sharing Link
- Flow add the Sharing Link to the List
- Users can see the List can click the link to download the document