Selecting value from tree-view for managed metadata via PowerApps edit form for SharePoint list.

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Has anyone much experience with setting up how to select managed metadata values via a PowerApps edit form for a SharePoint list? I'm having difficulty finding how to get the selection box to display the data in a tree view the same as the native SharePoint edit & quick edit forms allow.

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Just tried googling this again today, and this post was the first search result - d'oh!


Wondering if maybe @Paul Culmsee has an idea? I happened across this video, and seems like there's lost of possibilities... I just haven't found the right combo yet! Have more team cuddles (and some PowerApps UI tricks with Managed Metadata)

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As you can see in that video, there are lots of possibilities, but a classic treeview is tricky/ugly to do I am afraid...  closest I got was to take the output of the choices() function which will bring back your term set into a collection and groupby() to then format the collection appropriately before then using a gallery/sub gallery technique.


Unfortunately that only works to 2 levels deep. 


I never took the time to find a pattern that can make it look like the classic tree-view of term sets :(

@Paul Culmsee Where can I find an example of the gallery/sub gallery technique using GroupBy as you mentioned?

@Ian Bruckner I am having a similar issue. The PowerApps Choice field lists all the managed metadata values, without any indentation, and in alphabetical order (when I have set a custom sort order). So two issues, I guess: how to show the indent (2-levels is fine this time); and how to honour the sort order set in the TermStore?