Scrollbar in Flow with Switch.


I am using a Switch action in my Flow and I noticed that when I add more than 1 Case that a scrollbar at the bottom of the page appears. Thsi scroll bar isn't visible until I scroll all the way down my Flows. This is quite annoying as my switch is near the top of the Flow and the scroll bar to get to each Case is near the top. 




Anyone else seeing this?

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Yes, it's a common issue. I have it too. There's also a topic (link) on the Flow Power User Community about this. It would be great if the team could think of some way to make sure Flows won't end up that wide... 

Hi @Daniel Laskewitz,


Thanks, for you help. A real shame that is used by the Flow community rather than the techcommunity.


It would be great if all Microsoft Communities were joined together @Michael Holste