Save Gallery PowerApps into SharePoint List

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Hi, can anyone helpme how to save gallery on PowerApps into SharePoint List.
But there is problem if add amount and other column.

Save Gallery to List SharePoint.JPG

 My script is : ForAll(ExpenseCollection,Patch('Budget Tracking',Defaults('Budget Tracking'),{Title:Title, NominalBiaya:Amount,Tahun:Dropdown1, Department:Dropdown3}));

My Problem when I add NominalBiaya:Amount,Tahun:Dropdown1, Department:Dropdown3, it can't to save and have error.


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I just tried :
ForAll(ExpenseCollection, Patch('Budget Tracking',Defaults('Budget Tracking'),{Title:Title, NominalBiaya:Value(Amount.Text)}));

but it only save one row for amount (NominalBiaya), and for Title it will be save all row.
Can anyone help my problem?