Running flows on a selected file/item.


Hi all,


I'm trying to find out how to start a Flow on a selected item in a library (or list). 


As promised in the screenshot below and in this article, it should be possible to start a workflow on a selected file/item. I just can find out how to get this working.


1. I'm running on First release

2. The flow I have made has been created from within the library and active



Flow action.PNG



Any help would be really appreciated!!






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It just caught my eye that I have two Flow environments active on my tenant.  One standard and one from preview. All flows in Preview wont show up at my libraries, the first one I created within "Standard" does...


2017-08-17 16_28_27-.png





Hi there - are you using Flow Free or a paid for plan? I am wondering if its not available on the free plan? thanks

I'm using a development E5 trial