Rich text in Flow when posting automatic messages in Microsoft Teams?

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How can i setup so my Microsoft Flows that post messages in Teams in MS Teams are better looking.

I want to edit the text with the rich text editor in Flow so i get bold text, important flag, bullets etc.


How can i do this in Flow?

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The field is html from what I recall, so you can use html to markup the text to add formatting.
Thanks, ill try.
What is the html for making a teams post as important?

You can't AFAIK using the Teams actions in flow. The only way I know to do that would be setup a incoming webhook connector on a channel, then use the webhook connectors to send the formatted cards which might be able to access that flag. I'll see if i can find an article about it, but here is a card formatting tool that you can use in webhooks to make your messages look better.

The other good thing about webhooks is they actually setup notifications, with the built in flow now new notifications happen the messages just kind of show up in a channel and is a bad experience IMO.


here is a pretty good article going over webhooks with Teams.


I can't find anything, even in json reference guide that lets you set "importance" on the messages.
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I just tested formatting in a Flow message using HTML as well as markdown (per this article and both seem to work.


Thank you! worked like a charm!