Retrieve Full Page Body of SharePoint News Page with Power Automate

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I have a SharePoint Communication site with a News webpart set up. In Power Automate, (when I try to pull in the News page body) the only field for the body of the text I am able to access is the 'Description' field (which is capped at like 250 characters). Does anyone have an idea on how I can pull the entire page body into power automate?

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I was able to accomplish this by using the 'Send an HTTP request to Sharepoint' function in power automate and I used the api key below.


accept application/json; odata=nometadata


Then I added the 'Parse JSON' function. In the content field, I used the body of 'Send an HTTP Request' and I pasted the same Body string above into the 'Parse JSON' 'Schema' field.

Then I passed the 'Parse JSON' value to the 'HTML to Text' power automate function.

I hope this helps someone else.