Request sign-off does not appear

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Our agency just began using Sharepoint Online and we have some test collections to experiment with. A demonstration showed "Request sign-off" should appear in the automate menu and context menu items.  I cannot make it show up on lists or document libraries. Has this been enabled for government or does it only work for commercial.

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Hi @dmcdivitt 


Make sure that you select the file first and then the option should appear.


See if this Microsoft resource helps?


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@Damien Rosario 


Request sign-off does not appear if the file is selected first. It should do that. I want to know why it doesn't work for us.


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The feature "request sign-off" is not yet available in the government cloud (GCC).


The user who is expected to run the flow requires the "contibute" permission at the document library level.



Hi! I am not on a government account but do not see the option for adding the sign-off to my sharepoint documents. This is all I see: 

Help! I have so many documents and approval processes that this will help me so much, if I can get it to work!


Thank you.




Hi @CindyDalglish 


Give this a go, first select a single document (selecting multiple files does not work), and then check the Automate menu for the Request sign-off option.




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@Damien Rosario 


Hi there,


I do not see "Request Sign-off", when I select the "Automate". The following is I see...




Please suggest - How to get the option 'Request-Sign-off' on the 'Automate"?




Hi @CGovindarajula 


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Did you select the file first before you went to the Automate menu? I cannot tell from your screenshot if you did that before you went to the menu.




Hi @Damien,

I am fine thank you and hope you are also fine.

When I select an individual file, I see many options like..

"Automate -> Configure Flow"
"Request Sign-off"
"Content Approval"

Not sure the different between the above two.

What I want to achieve is ...

I have a Information Security Policy document. I want to share this document to CSO, CFO and take their approval for the contents/document.

Hope the above help.


Hi @CGovindarajula 


I haven't personally used the Content approval flow, but using the Request sign-off option is something that may get the job done. Once you use it (may need initial setup), you'll be asked to add the approver/s. 


Simply enter the name of the CSO and then add the name of the CFO. You must also add a message to the approvers.


Once you send it, it will go to both asking for approval of the document. Whichever individual gets to it first can approve/reject the document.


Here's more info below:

Introducing “Request sign-off” for SharePoint users, four new connectors and other impro...


This other resource has some good info on Content Approval:

A Quick Guide to Business Process Automation with SharePoint and Microsoft Flow (


If you want both approvals separately and not just first to approve/reject, I suggest creating it manually in Power Automate using a template, and then setting the approval part of the workflow to allow for all approvers to approve/reject.


Hope something in the above helps?




Hi @Damien Rosario ,


Thank you for sharing the references and it is working now :)


But, my other query is...


When we share a document for 'Approval/Sign-Off'. 

Q. Is there a way the approver can view the document and make comments on the document and then approve?




This is working now. We can close this request.

Hi @CGovindarajula 


Glad it's all working for you now though we can't close this topic as it belongs to another forum user and you've tagged into it.


Yes, you can update the doc and then approve/reject.


Best wishes for the weekend ahead!



It appears the Request Sign-off option doesn't show up if the file requires it to be checked out for edits. Has anyone else found this to be true? Once I turned off this option, it worked fine. If I am correct I hope this changes to allow files to be have this option enabled and have the Request Sign-off option.   @Damien Rosario 


Thank you

Hi @JessicaB200 


Hope you are well.


It's not a scenario I've tested so I have a question.


You've found that request sign off doesn't show at all if the file requires check out for editing, and did you happen to find out if that's only if a file is checked in (locked) or does this apply to any files regardless of the editing status?