Repeating tables in PowerApps

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In InfoPath there was the repeating table control that would let one add dynamically rows in a table. Is there anything similar in PowerApps? I have looked at the gallery but it looks like you have to specify the number of items in the gallery. Thanks.

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Hi Jasjit,


Thank you. But that link is broken, Please let me know if there is a different link.



It is working Sreeni ! Just copy the URL insead of clicking it if that is not working.

I guess that's not what Sreeni is looking for. Laura article is about displaying data from 2 SharePoint lists. What Infopath was used to be able to do was to create an entry form for users to input data on a repeating tabet. For example in a plane tickets booking scenario where the user enters first name, last name and age of 'person 1' and then clicks on a + button to add another passenger : the 3 Input fields first name, last name and age are then repeated do user can add a second passenger details. The data was stored in the same SharePoint list with no data binding to a SharePoint column but to an XML file dealt by Infopath.

I'malso looking for such a solution :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Cedric Oster,


I was able to find a solution for this in PowerApps. It may not work exactly like Infopath but it is possible. If you'd like to know, I'd be happy to help via PM. Thanks.

I am also facing this problem.Please let me know how to approach it.This is my mail id


@vijendra kondeti,


You will have to add a gallery control and the Items property of the control will need to be set to display the items. The gallery will have to be designed to have the fields that you want in the repeating table.The items can be a collection object in PowerApps and the collection will need to be patched/saved up to the data source.

Hi Sreeni,
Thanks for your quick response,I have tried as you suggested but it is not working.Could you please share the screen shots or any POC.




have you found a solution , please help

Correct if below understanding is correct.

1. Create new APP design
2. Add a gallery control with datasource display only mode
3. Create a Item new/edit form for adding new items/editing items
4. Add/update the value in gallery when add event is fired
5. On submit, save collection object in specified datasource.

1. How to add items in to local gallery object?
2. How to save collection object in datasource?

I have achieved this, have a look at attached snapshot.


reeating table.png


So I think this is exactly what I am looking to do as well - I have 2 SharePoint lists, Projects and Tasks...the tasks is a multiple to one relationship with the projects but the caveat is that depending on the category of the project, there are a set number of tasks that need to be added to the project and values edited upon creation of the project.  Can you share how you achieved the editing of the repeating table (gallery item)? 

How did you achieve this?

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@Eric Starker if you're still looking for a way to achieve this I suggest you follow Shane Young's suggestion. I've used it previously and have had no issues


Link to his blog:

He also has it documented on his Youtbue channel.


Best of luck

@Earlline Alcide Hello! Sounds like a great suggestion, but I think you've tagged the wrong person. I didn't ask the original question.