Removing Navigation from Powerapps/Sharepoint Form

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I have a form that sends a link to users to go in and update x list item. When they click on the link, it navigates them to the form, but it has the navigation on the left side. I would like to remove this navigation, because I don't want them going to any other part of my site. I am using the new experience on sharepoint office 365. Any suggestions? 

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Why not make the list form a App in the PowerApps options - not just a custom list form - then you can send out an link to the powerapp form which will just be a url with the PowerApps guid in the link and make the onsubmit of the form go to a screen in the app saying 'form updated' or something -  they wont even hit sharepoint via the PowerApps link - so might offer you a way to work around the navigation.