Reminder Flow: Running When It Should Not

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Hi All,


I created a travel request flow, that sends a travel request to an employees manager, who has the option to approve or reject the flow. This works perfectly.


In addition to this flow, I created a flow that reminds the approving manager, when they have outstanding requests for review. This flow runs daily, and sends emails only to those who have outstanding requests.


The issue that has just come up, is that an approving manager, has had daily reminders to approve outstanding requests for the past two weeks - BUT, he has no outstanding requests. When he clicks on the link which would direct him to his outstanding "flows" nothing appears. Additionally, I have gone in and checked, and there are no outstanding travel flows running - so I cannot figure out why he continues to get reminders to approve requests. 


Two weeks ago, I cancelled a particular request that this individual was the approving manager on, could this be the problem? and If so, how do I fix it?


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very possible, but I guess the question is can you share the logic in your flow for how you are determining to send the message or not? 

Hi @Deleted


See the attached images. Let me know if you need more info. 

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So from what I can tell, you removed the approval in flow and that's why the list is empty since your notification is linking to the approvals page in flow.  However when you deleted that approval, you have to go back to the root sharepoint list and make sure that same item for that flow approval has it's status updated from the pending status it was set to when it created the approval in flow.


Since that is what your condition is based off of the list item status, when you deleted that flow approval it won't automatically change the status from pending and that needs updated as well to make your condition no longer keep returning yes since that list item is still in that list with pending. 

Amazing, thank you very much!